Inspection of SONEB SCHOOLS

Our visit and inspection of SONEB Schools, at Oke Sefu Elelede, Ibafo, Obafemi Owode LGA of Ogun State revealed the devastating nature of the educational system in the rural area. Below are the highlights of discovery and requirements to give the students quality I.T knowledge.


  1. Equip the empty computer room. Currently, they are taught only theory with no practical.
  2. 90% of the students across primary and secondary do not have access to computers and have not used a computer before.
  3. 85% of the teachers do not have computers or android phones.


The level of I.T illiteracy is almost non-existent, and if we have learnt anything from the pandemic, it is the necessity of I.T skills and access to necessary facilities which a lot of children do not have this luxury.

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