About Stella Harb Foundation

Stella Harb Foundation is an organization that is named after STELLA HARB, a woman who was deprived of a good education and a better life as a teenager. As much as she had interest in schooling, her love for it was cut short, as she was betrothed to a man old enough to be her father. Her family who dined and wined in poverty vowed not to educate any girl in the family. Though, smooth seas do not make skillful sailors, they say, however, everybody was not born equally in terms of our strengths, weaknesses, our tendencies and dispositions, our nature and nurture.

Although she scaled through the hurdles, it happened in a hard way. Her personal and shared experience at a tender age birthed and further instigated the need to establish an organization that caters for the education, the needs and the growth of the vulnerable, less privileged and lower economic class in the society. With the goal of creating prosperity for all, and fulfilling their purpose of existence, in spite of the hands of inheritance and family background they have been dealt by, and not to forget the saying that, “the tongue of experience utters the most truth”, Stella Harb Foundation is set to kick off.

In lieu of that, Stella Harb Foundation (SHF) represents a variety of poverty alleviation driven activities and orientations targeted towards capacity building for children in the rural area and the lower economic class in the society. Our objective is to empower children in the rural area, catalysing economic growth, driving poverty eradication and ensuring the increase of employability rate. We believe that focusing on and improving the skill set of the younger ones will play a role that is critical for Nigeria’s development.

Building on the organisation’s success and its unique ability to identify the vulnerable and the less-privileged, mentor, as well as the elementary education and technical skill development of children in the rural area, the Foundation will increasingly share its robust delivery platform and will work in partnership with institutions to create meaningful and permanent impact in the society.


"We ensure a personalised form of learning."

"We make learning easy and well accessible."

"We do not just fulfil dreams, we also erect dying goals."

Vision Statement

To empower children in the rural area and the lower economic class in the society.

Mission Statement

To ensure elementary education and aid technical skill development of children in the rural through mentoring, funding and grooming.

Our Intervention

We aim to create meaningful and permanent impacts within the society through our educational supports, economic programmes, communal supports, advocacy and convening.

Our Values

Equality, Inclusion, and development.

Our Founder

It becomes a beautiful collection when you make others set a goal and actualize their dreams. In connection to that, she is passionate about technical skill development in the society and the vulnerable climbing the ladder of growth.

According to her, SHF’s ideology represents a personal commitment to creating a new generation of youngsters that understands the beauty of efforts, patience, perseverance, and hardwork, especially in an environment that seems to be drifting towards quick results in the face of hardship. With a vision of creating prosperity for all, our mission will be implemented through our programmes, research, communities, advocacy and convening, including the annual SHF forum.

Harb Cynthia Ige


With 100% of your donation going directly to our projects, we’re able to ensure that every naira you give helps the people who need it most.