Stella Harb Foundation (SHF)

Our objective is to empower children in the rural area, catalysing economic growth, driving poverty eradication and ensuring the increase of employability rate.


Stella Harb Foundation (SHF) represents a variety of poverty alleviation driven activities and orientations targeted towards capacity building for children in the rural area and the lower economic class in the society.

What we do

Poverty Alleviation

There is another way to slow down the intensity of poverty other than just spoon-feeding, and that is giving the children the best legacy which is a good education.

Increment of Employability Rate

We aim to nurture and groom students who have keen interest in technology advancement

Building Capacity for Schools

We make available to developing schools the skills, equipment, tools and other resources needed to produce universal scholars.


Due to the inequalities in birth, we adopt and invest in lives that are unprivileged to have a good education, making them relevant and useful to themselves and the society.

Equality in Tech Industry

We improve and increase the number of lower economic class in the field of technology. We help them focus on innovation, creation and growth.

Join Our Team

At, Stella Harb Foundation (SHF), volunteers are significant to the realisation of our goals. The selfless services of our volunteers speak a great deal in our achievement and success.

News and Events


With 100% of your donation going directly to our projects, we’re able to ensure that every naira you give helps the people who need it most.