In our contemporary society, people tend to mark a set of profession for the female gender and another set of profession for the male gender. Orientation about choosing one’s path of career is often neglected, or rather, not well chosen. The female gender often neglect careers such as Technology, Engineering, and other science related courses, while they mostly flood themselves to Arts & Humanity, and Commercial related courses. In lieu of that, proper orientation from capable and experienced women in the technology industry will be spelled out. We do not want to build a generation of mistakes, so JSS 2 students of schools will be invited for seminars to give a direction of career to them.


According to John C. Crosby, “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push into the right direction”.  A person without a mentor, they say, may lose a great deal. Most less-privileged children have uneducated parents who may not be able to relate with them well. This programme helps to create a mentoring platform for children whom the organisation has adopted, and children who have identified themselves to be helped. All children shall be assigned to capable hands, whom they can talk to about everything and anything.


With 100% of your donation going directly to our projects, we’re able to ensure that every naira you give helps the people who need it most.